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Monday, 17 October 2011

I Have Sinned!!!

Where to begin.......Forgive me for i have sinned. It's been a long bloody time since my last blog but i'm gonna try and get you up to date on whats been happening lately.

Firstly, i wanna say thank you to Lawrence Lartey, Loud Mouth Melvin, Akala and everybody involved in the Channel 4 'Street Summer' season of documentaries in August  (I did say i haven't blogged for a while).

The first program i featured on was 'How Hip Hop Changed The World'....."Idris Elba revealed the defining moments in street music and culture over the last 35 years, featuring rare archive material, seminal music videos and insight from hip hop stars"

A lot of the "die dard" Hip Hop fans felt a bit short changed by HHCTW but personally i think the show did a pretty good explaining to the uninitiated just how much of an influence Hip Hop over the last few decades.

Next up for me was 'Life of Rhyme'......"Life of Rhyme explored British MC culture and its unique contribution to spoken word and poetry, be it via rap, jungle, drum and bass, garage or grime.
Presented by rap and hip hop artist Akala, the documentary celebrates the incredible flourishing of lyricism and poetry amongst British youth. 
Featuring a mixture of performance, interview and actuality, the film explores the history of how this scene has developed, evolved and exploded into the mainstream; and the power of words to motivate and inspire."

Akala did a brilliant job hosting and all the emcees involved 'did there thing'. It was nice to see 'the art of emceeing' in the UK get  some long overdue recognition and the show was really well received. I just really hope we don't have to wait till next Summer before somebody at one of the major TV companies thinks to add some more programming like this to there schedules. Hip Hop is more than just crack,crime and bitches although sometimes it's easy to forget that. 

Thats it for now but i'm gonna post some more stuff tonight so look out for it.....