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Thursday, 6 March 2014


So once again i've been slacking on keeping this blog up to date and i apologise for that. The truth is all this typing does not excite me at all...and i'm kinda lazy! But 2013 was a busy year for me so let me try and get you up to date. This is a quick recap of 2013 as we look towards an exciting 2014.
Early in 2013 i released the video to the song 'Revolution'
Filmed by Global Faction and featuring Rebel Diaz, Logic, Big Frizzle and Renee Soul - 'Revolution' is a meeting of like minded emcees over a #BOOMING Agent of Change beat.

"This has got to be one of the biggest col­lab­or­a­tions of the year. UK and USA Hip Hop join forces as Rod­ney P teams up with Rebel Daz, Logic, Big Frizzle and Renee Soul for ‘Revolu­tion’ a power­ful track bring­ing us an essence of unity and resistance!" 


Rodney P ft Rebel Diaz, Logic, Big Frizzle & Renee Soul - Revolution
Zed BiasFallacy & Me also released our third single as 'Sleepin' Giantz in 2013!

"Raving Bully” is the third single to be lifted from the self-titled 2012 album by Sleepin’ Giantz (the acclaimed collaboration between UK legends Zed Bias, Rodney P and Fallacy). 
With heavy new remixes from Dobie, Skitz & Wizard, Ben & Lex and Madd! Again (new project from Maddslinky aka Zed Bias, on the link-up with MC Trigga), the digital single release also brings a killer new video.
Shattering genre divides throughout UK bass music and beyond, the Sleepin’ Giantz album has been widely hailed as a masterclass, gaining major props from the likes of Benji B (BBC R1), MistaJam (1Xtra/R1),Sinden (KISS), The Heatwave (Rinse FM), Clash, Resident Advisor, Q, Fact, XLR8R, and many more."

Sleepin' Giantz (Zed Bias, Rodney P, Fallacy) - Raving Bully

....and in case you missed it, here's the video to the Sleepin' Giantz track 'Mucky'.
Big Up to the amazing Jenna G, raggamuffin MC Fox, Konny Kon (Broke N English) and Sparks (The Mouse Outfit) for the cameos!!!

SleepinGiantz (Zed Bias, Rodney P, Fallacy) - Mucky 

Buy the album:

Some say my foundation crew London Posse changed the UK rap game forever in 1990 with the release of our only album "Gangster Chronicle"

"They were a pioneering and influential group on the early UK Hip Hop scene" according to The Daily Telegraph "they finally gave British rap an identity of its own."

In Summer 2013 Tru Thoughts Records re-released ‘Gangster Chronicles: The Definitive Collection’.

"The seminal 1990 LP “Gangster Chronicle” repackaged and augmented with a comprehensive selection of exclusive, previously unheard tracks and eclectic remixes including the handiwork of Steve Mason, Wrongtom, The Nextmen, Hint and Drumagick."

Rodney P & Dj Biznizz drop London Posse medley for MistaJam to celebrate Hip Hop Month on 1Xtra

Vinyl Drop: London Posse - Gangster Chronicles Unreleased EP

Buy the album:

In Sept 2013 i released ‘Success’ feat. Harleigh Blu and Renegade Brass Band on Tru Thoughts Records

"Vibrant, catchy, gritty yet smooth, “Success” is a brass-heavy, R‘n’B-inflected Hip Hop cut with all the hallmarks of a Future Classic. One of a handful of collaborative endeavours between the revered London Posse rapper Rodney P and the young, up and coming soul singer Harleigh Blu, and showcases the magic that happens when these two talents merge."

Rodney P - Success feat. Harleigh Blu & Renegade Brass Band

Buy the Single:

My good friend Joe Buhdha produced the track and also introduced me to Miss Harleigh Blu. They have made an amazing album together called "Forget Me Not" that Tru Thoughts Records were only too happy to release. If you like good grooves and soulful vibes you should check it out.

Harleighblu - Enough Now

Buy the Album:

As ever i've been on the road a lot. 2013 was a good year for me and i was lucky enough to have performed at festivals Worldwide including the Dour Festival in Belgium along side the the jazz rap outfit 'Herbaliser' - "9000 People in a Tent"

I also appeared with my longtime DJ partner Daddy Skitz at The Xplosif in Norway were we shared the stage with Havoc of Mobb Deep fame. Shout Out to DJ Pursuit and the whole Stravanger Posse.

One of the highlights of the 2013 festival season for me was performing for the first time on the main stage at Bestival on The Isle of Wight with my  debaucherous band of brothers "The Dub Pistols". Being on the main stage was a huge honour and of course it meant i was able to be on stage to watch Nile Rodgers so you know i had a good day!

I also got to meet the Legendary Neville Staples of 'The Specials" while with The Dub Pistols at the Sunrise Festival. I grew up loving The Specials and i  felt like a real fan boy that day.

I did a lot of performances and met a lot of good people in 2013 and God willing 2014 is gonna to be even better it's been good so far. 

On the 22nd Feb 2014 we celebrated 15 Years of Tru Thoughts Records at Koko in Camden. It was a brilliant night with performances from Alice Russell, Nostalgia 77, Harleigh Blu, TY, Wrongtom meets The Ragga Twins, Anchorsong, TiteKnots, Werkha & Robert Louis.....and me of course.


The Tru Thoughts Crew definitely had Koko jumping that night. #BiggerLove goes out to everybody that's supported the label over the years and to everybody who has put in a shift in the office....Here's to another 15 Years!


UK Hip Hop culture was shown some love by the UK's leading Online broadcaster SBTV in 2013
I was able to handpick some of the emcee legends of UK urban music, and invited them to perform an exclusive freestyle for SBTV, schooling the audience on the art of rap.

EPISODE 12 –H20! v=iLv7mvobYCQ!

Shout to Jamal EdwardsRebecca Wren for making it happen. #BiggerLove
Now for a bit more Promo....
Rodney P in association with ‘ENDz street wear‘ presents the London Posse/LDN CapRepresent your ENDz with this striking LDN logo flex fit caps with ‘London Posse’ embroidered on the back.
                Available to purchase in colours green, black and blue from

Rodney P in association with ‘’ presents: The London Posse LTD Edition Tee Shirt (Rodney P, Bionic, DJ Biznizz & Sipho)
We show our respect and support the history of UK Hip Hop with this limited edition London Posse tee shirt.

Available to purchase in colour black with white from


Look out for lots of new music from me in 2014. There will be some interesting collaborations (because you know i like to keep it varied) and my new albums is coming along nicely so listen out for that on Tru Thoughts Records in 2014.
Look out for me in a town near you performing in one of my many guises either with Skitz, The Dub Pistols, Herbaliser, DJ Shep Dog....or just me on my own doing 
"Doing The Dam Ting!"


Keep up to date via Facebook pages: rkppromo and rodney p, 
Twitter: @rodney_p @london_posse and @rkppromo 
also on InstaGram: @rodney_p and @rkppromo


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I was just thinking....

I'm sure "12 Years" & "The Butler" are well made and worthy films that tell stories that need to be told but I really don't have a desire to watch either. 
One day I'll watch them I'm sure but right now I'm aware of the horrors of slavery and see its legacy most days in my real life.
For the record I'm no supporter of "Truth & Reconciliation" either. It only seems to benefit the guilty while the victims are left without any real Justice. 
For some I guess that's why Mr Mandela is/was a Greater man and a more forgiving man than most of us could ever hope to be. But my heart says "No Justice, No Peace".

Monday, 31 October 2011

'Old Skool UK Hip Hop Special' on BANG Radio.

Back on the Air Waves.....

Its been a good few years now since the end of 'Original Fever', the radio show me and DJ Skitz's used to host on BBC 1Xtra. I never really thought about doing another radio show but......Shit Happens!!!

SO.....I'm back on the air 1-3am every Friday night along side DJ/Producer Joe Buhdha on BANG Radio (
For these that don't know Joe Buhdha has worked with some of the biggest news in UK Hip Hop. He produced:
'Murderer Style' for me -
'My Life' for Klashnekoff, in fact he produced the entire 'Lion Heart' album -

He's also worked with Estelle, Scorzayee, El Fudge and John Legend to name a few.

The show is all about good music from a Hip Hop point of view.

We play Hip Hop but we'll leave the regular Top 40 R&B and Rap tunes to them other DJ's. We go from Jay Electronica to James Brown, Jasmin Sullivan to Paul McCartney and of course we represent the UK to the Fullest.

Here's the last hour of the show broadcast on 22.10.11. It was an 'Old Skool UK Hip Hop Special' featuring Hijack, Edwin Starr, Mc Mello, London Posse, Fred Wesley, Demon Boys and more.

Check out the rest of the shows on Mix Cloud and tune in live every Friday Night 1-3am on BANG Radio.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Live Up, Black History Month and....playing #Tag!!!

In case you ain't heard i recently inked a new deal with the award winning indie record label Tru-Thoughts ( ). 
The first release is a track i recorded with The Peoples Army and Mighty Moe of the Heartless Crew and i'd like to thank my brothers for there energy. I hadn't intended to release the track so soon but the mood in the UK following the election, the student riots and the death of Mark Duggen had me feeling like now was the time to try and deliver something positive. In these times when there's so much to be angry about we have to remember to "Live Up" & Live Right".....or at least try.

"A stand-alone single channelling the restless mood of our times and issuing a rallying cry, in the wake of student protests and then the August riots which made headlines around the World, this cut is as timely as it is catchy; the lyrics are purely uplifting hip hop as each MC on this posse track has their turn to spit some positive verses."

Also...Out now as part of Black History Month with the proceeds going to charity is "This Is Black History"

Featuring some of the UKs finest, posse cuts like this have become rare and i'm proud of my brothers and how quickly we were able to pull the project together after Logic set the ball in motion. The full line up is:
Jody McIntyre
Big Ben
Jaja Soze
Genesis Elijah
Big Frizzle
Rodney P

Something else to look out for.....I woke up the other day to various people on Twitter telling me i'd been #Tagged!!!
Turns out some Australian emcee named '360' set up an online cypher.... 

"The concept of #RapperTag is simple: one person is "it", they spit a verse, then tag another person who then becomes "it", and so on and so forth. I started it to see how far it could go, and to see how many different types of emcees it could reach."
- 360

....the idea took off in Australia and eventually my emcee friend, the mighty mutha luva himself Mystro (who's kinda known in Oz) got to hear about it via one of Australia's finest The HillTop Hoods
Mystro along side set off the cypher over here in the UK and he tagged in Ransom Badbonez, who tagged in Tony D of the Poisonous Poets who in turn tagged me.

So i'm it!!!

Look out for me spreading the lergy soon but till then checkout how Tony D smashed it.

I'll be back.....but don't hold your breathe!!!!

Monday, 17 October 2011

I Have Sinned!!!

Where to begin.......Forgive me for i have sinned. It's been a long bloody time since my last blog but i'm gonna try and get you up to date on whats been happening lately.

Firstly, i wanna say thank you to Lawrence Lartey, Loud Mouth Melvin, Akala and everybody involved in the Channel 4 'Street Summer' season of documentaries in August  (I did say i haven't blogged for a while).

The first program i featured on was 'How Hip Hop Changed The World'....."Idris Elba revealed the defining moments in street music and culture over the last 35 years, featuring rare archive material, seminal music videos and insight from hip hop stars"

A lot of the "die dard" Hip Hop fans felt a bit short changed by HHCTW but personally i think the show did a pretty good explaining to the uninitiated just how much of an influence Hip Hop over the last few decades.

Next up for me was 'Life of Rhyme'......"Life of Rhyme explored British MC culture and its unique contribution to spoken word and poetry, be it via rap, jungle, drum and bass, garage or grime.
Presented by rap and hip hop artist Akala, the documentary celebrates the incredible flourishing of lyricism and poetry amongst British youth. 
Featuring a mixture of performance, interview and actuality, the film explores the history of how this scene has developed, evolved and exploded into the mainstream; and the power of words to motivate and inspire."

Akala did a brilliant job hosting and all the emcees involved 'did there thing'. It was nice to see 'the art of emceeing' in the UK get  some long overdue recognition and the show was really well received. I just really hope we don't have to wait till next Summer before somebody at one of the major TV companies thinks to add some more programming like this to there schedules. Hip Hop is more than just crack,crime and bitches although sometimes it's easy to forget that. 

Thats it for now but i'm gonna post some more stuff tonight so look out for it.....