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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Live Up, Black History Month and....playing #Tag!!!

In case you ain't heard i recently inked a new deal with the award winning indie record label Tru-Thoughts ( ). 
The first release is a track i recorded with The Peoples Army and Mighty Moe of the Heartless Crew and i'd like to thank my brothers for there energy. I hadn't intended to release the track so soon but the mood in the UK following the election, the student riots and the death of Mark Duggen had me feeling like now was the time to try and deliver something positive. In these times when there's so much to be angry about we have to remember to "Live Up" & Live Right".....or at least try.

"A stand-alone single channelling the restless mood of our times and issuing a rallying cry, in the wake of student protests and then the August riots which made headlines around the World, this cut is as timely as it is catchy; the lyrics are purely uplifting hip hop as each MC on this posse track has their turn to spit some positive verses."

Also...Out now as part of Black History Month with the proceeds going to charity is "This Is Black History"

Featuring some of the UKs finest, posse cuts like this have become rare and i'm proud of my brothers and how quickly we were able to pull the project together after Logic set the ball in motion. The full line up is:
Jody McIntyre
Big Ben
Jaja Soze
Genesis Elijah
Big Frizzle
Rodney P

Something else to look out for.....I woke up the other day to various people on Twitter telling me i'd been #Tagged!!!
Turns out some Australian emcee named '360' set up an online cypher.... 

"The concept of #RapperTag is simple: one person is "it", they spit a verse, then tag another person who then becomes "it", and so on and so forth. I started it to see how far it could go, and to see how many different types of emcees it could reach."
- 360

....the idea took off in Australia and eventually my emcee friend, the mighty mutha luva himself Mystro (who's kinda known in Oz) got to hear about it via one of Australia's finest The HillTop Hoods
Mystro along side set off the cypher over here in the UK and he tagged in Ransom Badbonez, who tagged in Tony D of the Poisonous Poets who in turn tagged me.

So i'm it!!!

Look out for me spreading the lergy soon but till then checkout how Tony D smashed it.

I'll be back.....but don't hold your breathe!!!!

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