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Sunday, 22 May 2011

SBTV Upload 1000th Video ’1k Legends Cypher’

Writing two blogs in a weekend is a lot for me but i just had to post this SBTV Cypher.
The Youtube phenomenon SBTV (Smokey Bars TV) uploaded their 1000th video today and to mark the occasion they managed to bring in some UK Hip Hop 'Legends' to remind everybody of the foundation.
There are a lot of UK Hip Hop emcee's that aren't represented on this video (Black Twang, Skinny Man, Klashnekoff, Malik MD7, Million Dan to name a few) thats understandable..."You can't do everybody" but i think the crew assembled definitely "do there thing"
There are verses from Seanie T, MC D, Supar Novar, Pesci, Skeme, Mystro, Farma G, Skriblah and me so let me know what you think!
I'm know people are gonna have there opinions on who should & shouldn't have been involved and who are & ain't 'Legends'. To be honest most of the people on the clip are second generation emcee's and came after people like HiJack, MC Mello, The Demon Boys, Overlord X, City Limits, MC Duke, Blade, Hard Noise, Freshski, Daddy Speedo, The Cookie Crew of course my crew The London Posse and many others but a lot of the old guard are no longer active on the scene or just missing in action.
To my mind all the emcee's involved in the cypher represent an authentic UK Hip Hop sound that pre-dates Jungle, Garage and Grime and set the blueprint for the emcee's making moves today.... whether they know it or not.
Bigger Love to Jamel Edwards and the whole SBTV Movement....You guys are definitely raising the bar with your work ethic and hustle and thats a Beautiful Thing!