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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Guess Who's Back....?

With the festival season upon us once again and the diary filling up rapidly i thought i better take a moment to give you a quick update before it all goes Nuts!!!

Firstly, i'm happy to be able to say i've officially signed to Tru Thoughts Records. Here's a link to the announcement. 

I'm well cuffed to part of the Tru Thoughts family, I feel like there's a lot of quality music being made right now and being with Tru Thoughts will allow me to really get creative. It's been a while since i've released any music just by/for me but trust me i got some FIRE!!!

And just to show i'm in good company here's a video by my good friends and now label mates Zed Bias and Omar. 

Omar & Zed Bias feat Fox - Dancing

Shout out to everybody at the label - Big Tings to Come....LETS GO!!!!


Coming to a field near you......

Like i said it's the festival season again and last Summer me and my road dog Daddy Skitz spent a hell of a lot of time in a tent!!! 
Not any regular tent mind you but the Chai Wallah tent - "The Venue Were All Good Things Come Together."

For those that don't know Chai Wallahs is a HUGE marquee that hosts performances from a selection of the UK’s finest underground talent and established artists. Ranging from acoustic and electronic musicians, spoken word artists, beat-boxers, acapella singers and percussionists, providing a culturally diverse production that covers a huge spectrum of musical styles.

We're planning on more of the same this Summer so look out for Me & Daddy Skitz, The Boxettes, Joe Driscoll, Gentlemans Dub Club and a whole load more in a field near you. 
I'll blog a list of show dates when i'm fully clued up.

As a sweetener for those that missed it and a reminder for those who were there here's a little mash up of some of the good bits from last year. 

Big Shout to Bright Black Films...See you on the Road!!!

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