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Friday, 8 October 2010

It's Been a Long Time......

When I started this page i had planned to be a regular blogger, enthralling readers with my unique insights and witty anecdotes....It hasn't happened!
The reasons it hasn't happened are simple really: Time is Short and I've discovered I  HATE TYPING!!!!

Having said that i do still wanna keep you up to date with whats going on in my World and if i ever feel like sharing my opinion on or about anything i consider news worthy you can be sure i will.

This month got off to a flyer at the Weapon of Choice/IN: Motion launch party in Bristol. The line up was massive: DJ MK, Harry Love & Mr Thing aka The Extended Players with Yungun on the mic, battle champion DJ Woody doing his audio visual 'Turntables in Technicolor' set,  the legendary Smith & Mighty, the West Country Godfather DJ Derek, my road dawg from the Dub Pistols Barry Ashworth, Bristol's own Buggsy, Me, Skitz and the teacher himself KRS One.

The teacher holding class

Buggys, Skitz, Cheba

It was a complete road block. The vibes were high and the Bristol crew represented to the Fullest!!! It was good to see my bredrin from 19longtime Kelz up on stage with KRS and my man Soopa Jay repping for the B-Boys.
Bristol Original 'Kelz' going in!!!!
Of the People, For the People!!!

Shout out to everybody who came out.......Bless Up. I'll be back in Bristol on the 28th Oct for DJ Die's Birthday Party and i can guarantee that it's gonna get Messy.


The 22nd Oct sees the start of a brand new monthly night @The Cellar in Oxford called 'Mic's of the Round Turntable'.

Hosted by Me and Skitz alongside DJ Spex and Boy Wonder, we'll be bringing vibes galore for the ravers and students as well as supporting UK underground talent all the way.

My and Skitz will be performing on the first night and we have an emcee performing that's Going On Well! right now...USG's K-Koke as well as E$F and BrumTown's All Stars.

....and talking about K-Koke, check this new video by Birmingham's Malik MD7 feat K-Koke & Margs "I'm Ready". This tune is BIG on the Roads!!!

Theses always more stuff happening but for now............

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