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Monday, 2 August 2010

I Stole This From Roses...Hope She Don't Mind ;0)

What does it say to YOU?

I found this picture on Roses Gabors' blog at -
and I loved it so much I had to steal

If you don't know Roses Gabor, she's done tracks with Ty, J2K,  and Clipz (Redlight) amongst others and you may have seen her on stage with Shaun Ryder and Gorillaz at Glastonbury 2010. In short "If you don't know, Get to know"

Big Up Sis.xx

Here's a clip of Ty and Roses performing at The Jazz Cafe.
If you look closely you can see me and Andy Cam sitting on the balcony vibesing (I know vibesing ain't exactly a word but that's exactly what we were doing!)

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